The PortalIt's back ladies and gentlemen, the web site that the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority deemed too offensive for public viewing. The web site, they said, "If our riders read this, they may not want to ride the train!" They put the screws to me, by putting pressure on my employer, to take this web site off. It was either "keep it posted and lose my job" or take it off and keep my job." For those of you who are familiar with this site, I chose to keep on working.

Well folks, the NFTA is going to be sorry to hear that I no longer work for my former employer (READ FORMER EMPLOYER....who's name I won't mention, it's one thing to lose a job, it's another to get sued) so I have one thing  to ask all of you pencil necked, geeks down at the NFTA who were so irate about this web site....What's all the fuss about? Better yet, why doesn't the general public take a peek inside and find out for themselves? Come on in and see why a big government subsidized transportation authority would try to get a little ol' taxpayer like me fired from his job, just for putting a harmless web site on the internet. Judge for yourselves, people. Be impartial.

HEAVENS NO, DONT LOOK!Before we get to the rest of the site, let me explain a few things. First of all, it was not my idea to remove the original site. I was pressured by my former employer to take it off and replace it with that nauseating apology, ugh! Secondly, I feel, as most people who saw the original web site did, that there was nothing wrong with it and that a bunch of uptight, anal retentive, morons over-reacted about absolutely nothing. Seems some fellow who works for the NFTA, who by the way has a well earned reputation for excessive whining and brown nosing, got real mad that I mentioned he was not well liked by his peers, even though I never mentioned him by name (and I won't). Well we all know that guys like that have VERY HIGH opinions of themselves. You know the type, those folks who go to college, get a Ph.D. in English literature and then want to be known as Dr. So-and-so for the rest of their lives, even though they never cured a soul of anything, "Oh no, I'm not that kind of doctor." Well anyway, this Nancy-boy cried to his supervisor, who told his supervisor, who told his supervisor, who told my supervisor. Yes, they all saw the web site, which by the way had a link to my e mail box but nobody had the balls or brains to write me personally. Go figure.

So take a peek inside the Metro Rail tunnels and see for yourself why all those honchos got their panties in a bunch, all except my former employer, whom I'm assuming wears boxers.

Enter at your own risk:

  1.  The Line
  2.  Free Fare Zone
  3.  The Tunnels
  4.  Stations
  5.  Crossovers
  6.  The Pump House
  7.  Closing



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