The Stations

Humboldt-Hospital StationTo get in and out of the Metro Rail system there has to be of course, passenger stations. There are six stations on the above ground, pedestrian mall section and eight stations along the underground subway line. These stations are considered to be some of the cleanest and safest stations in the country. In other words, nobody has been pushed in front of a speeding subway train in Buffalo, NY ever. Which I believe makes these two lads feel very safe and secure, as do all riders of the NFTA's Metro rail system. Let me tell you people, these stations are well maintained and very clean. Every night there was someone down there cleaning, mopping and scrubbing something. The graffiti proof walls of the stations also were a nice touch. No gang-banger nonsense on any of the walls of the stations, I can attest to that.

The Metro Rail system has an, on your honor system, of paying your fare. As you enter the stations, there are automated ticket dispensers that spit out your ticket after you put your money in. There are no ticket booths or turnstiles to slow you down. Don't forget to hang on to your ticket however, a person might later check to see your ticket, once on the train. This person is a member of the NFTA's elite police force and has the power to write you up a fine or worse, arrest you, if you do not show proof of fare. Hey, for a lousy $1.25 it really isn't worth the trouble, if caught by one of these cops, to try and get on for free. Yes they are real cops, not just hired security guards. They have all the power and authority that any of your other local finest would have. It would be wise for you to respect these officers, just as you would any other police officer. Don't get me wrong, most of these officers are very friendly and helpful, just give them the respect they deserve, that's all. Utica St. Station

Each station is decorated in its own distinctive way and no two stations are alike. Every station was designed this way. There are unique works of art decorating every station. Every station has something for everyone and anybody who is familiar with all of these stations, I'm sure can tell you has a favorite. Mine is the Amherst Street Station. It doesn't matter what your favorite station may be, the Metro Rail stations are very pleasant places to wait for a train.

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