In Closing

Strange looking creature, ain't he?I would just like to thank everyone who sent me e mail throughout the time that this web site was taken off of the internet and replaced with that nauseating, kiss-ass apology that I, unfortunately, was forced to write. You people were great. The return of this web site is because of you. You were mad that it was gone and you wanted it back. This site's for you to view and enjoy.

When the egg-heads at the NFTA first got their panties in a bunch over my web site, it was quite comical. Memos were circulating throughout the authority's offices, between big-wigs and head honchos. They were so panic stricken you'd think someone had planted a bomb, or something. There was even talk of legal action, although I guess they remembered that they were a taxpayer funded agency and had no legal grounds to sue anyone. Hey guys, guess what? You can't sue me, I own part of the NFTA, we all do! There are more things written in the newspaper all the time that are far more negative than anything that I ever wrote about on my web site. What gives, guys? Can't take a little joke? I suggest introducing a little more fiber in your diets, it might help some.

To this day, nobody at the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority has ever written, spoken or contacted me in any way at all. They contacted my former employer and tightened the screws over there. My job hung in the balance over this for a while. More than one person was involved in deciding my financial and economical fate but I was never contacted, personally. I left an e mail link on the old web site, which is my custom on all my web sites. This made it really easy for anyone, even people at the NFTA, to be just one click away from corresponding with me, the guy who penned this supposed, offensive web site but no one has ever had the guts to do so. Well if I have the balls to put my ugly mug (the picture above left) and leave an e mail link below, maybe someone over at the NFTA will grow a set and contact me if you have a beef with this new web site.

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