The Line

At left is a route map of the Metro rail line that I lifted from the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority's official web site. (Jeez, I hope they don't get too peeved about that). See those cute little train icons? They represent the stations along the route.

The zone in white at the bottom of the map is the above ground, "free fare zone." Here the train runs along the top of what used to be Main Street, in downtown Buffalo. The free fare zone runs from the beginning of the line at the Marine Midland Arena (home of the 1999 NHL Eastern Conference Buffalo Sabres) and extends to the Theater District Station. The free fare zone is just what it says, the train is free for all to ride.

Just north of the Theater Station, the train heads underground, where the rider is responsible for showing a proof of fare ticket. I will talk about this more in detail, later. The spot where the train heads underground is called "the portal." It is at the portal that we started our job of mapping the subway tunnels. Underground, in the tunnels, the trains reach a top speed of 60 miles per hour. I had to hold on to my hat when one would go by because these babies would cause a wind force that could rip that sucker right off of my head. While working down there, we were told to stay clear of the trains because that wind force could also suck one under the train, also. We made damn sure to stay clear.

On the original web site I showed pictures of us in action. This time I think I'll leave those shots off, don't want to tick any former co-workers off for unauthorized use of their image. So this page will only have this route map for you to view, pretty boring but it serves a purpose.

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