The Pump House

the pump houseThe photo on your left  depicts the pump house. The pump house is located between and at the lowest elevation of the Metro Rail Subway tunnels, somewhere in-between the Utica and Delevan-College Stations. The purpose of the pump house is to pump out all of that sparkling clean spring water that seeps through the walls of the subway tunnels. Where that sparkling clean spring water goes is anybody's guess. I'm assuming it goes to a bottling plant and is distributed to your local grocery stores. Maybe the NFTA makes a little scratch off of it to subsidize the running of the Metro Rail? In fact, it goes to the water supply of Forest Lawn Cemetary. The old Cold Spring water had been feeding the ponds & lakes at Forest Lawn, and when the NFTA drilled through the spring, most of that water flooded into the new tunnels instead of the cemetery. Forest Lawn was not amused. So, the NFTA now pumps all that water into the cemetery and Hoyt Lake in Delaware Park. A special thanks to Dan Kjeldgaard for that bit of information.

The pump house was a special place for me and I'm sure others who have worked in the tunnels also. You see, the pump house makes for a great place to take a leak, excuse me, I meant make more sparkling clean spring water, which is what I found myself doing almost every chance I had after downing so much coffee before work every night.

When walking in the tunnels after hours, something I did quite often during the course of my duties there, the dripping of the water from the pump house along with the echo of the concrete tunnel walls, will play some strange tricks on your mind. The sound it makes from a distance resembles the sound of people talking to one another. It is because of this strange phenomenon that the pump house is off limits to small children and the faint of heart. It's just too spooky down there. If you are afraid of such things as ghosts and horror movies, it would be wise for you to take this advice and stay out of the pump house.

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